MEC11000 Swap-N-Go Right Angle Drive Package

MEC11000 Swap-N-Go Right Angle Drive Package
Item Number: MEC11000RAD
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Right Angle Bolt and Go System Includes:

• MEC11000 Pump
• Right Angle Gear Box
• Auto Align Bracket
• Pump Stand
• All Items Fully Assembled!

The reliability and strength of the Battioni MEC is the result of continuous design and manufacturing improvements accomplished during 40 years of deployments. It’s simple and practical design made the MEC pumps the product of reference for agricultural and municipalities septic applications.

Battioni Ballast MEC11000 Pump Specifications:

The BALLAST pump represents a technology breakthrough resulted from a major joint effort in product development and innovative design processes. The BALLAST features the Crash Protection System: a sliding flanges protection mechanism that prevents the housing or rotor to break of in case of vanes crash. The pump is easily repairable inexpensively in field. The BALLAST II pump is equipped with the latest automatic air injection cooling system to enable continuous operation at 70% range of vacuum making it ideal for heavy duty applications. Features include: Long Life Blades, Crash Protection System, forced lubrication, external oil level indicator, side outlets, exhaust elbows, 4-ways valve, and a poppet check valve.

• Version P: 32mm Smooth Cylindrical Shaft
• 3" Connections
• Oil Tank Capacity - 4 Quart
• Injection-Air cooled
• RPM Range: 800 - 1400
• Maximum Air Flow: 393CFM @ free air, 354CFM @ 18 inHg (inches of Mercury)
• Maximum Intermittent Vacuum: 27"
• Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 30PSI
• Net Weight: 353 LBS
• Recommended for 2500-6000 Gallon tanks

MEC Specifications and Comparison Table viewable on product webpage